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Trade School

The traditional college path isn't right for everyone. Sometimes trade school may actually be the smarter (definitely more affordable) option. A trade can take you to some amazing places, but the first step in that journey is to use your brain. 
Out Of Home
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Brehanna Davis 

Becoming NASCAR'S First Black Female Pit Crew Member doesn't happen by luck. Trade school graduate herself, Brehanna shows what we all can achieve if you use your brain.

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Carhartt Campus Gear
Timberland Scholarship & Collection

In addition to the scholarship, Timberland has made the commitment to go the extra step for all Trade School students. The Timberland Pro line has partnered with ACTE to create a collection exclusively for all enrolled trade students. Balancing performance, safety, and style, the ACTE pack is ready to help students firmly walk into their bright future.

Tuner School x Toyota
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