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Threaded By Community

The T Shirt is the ultimate ad.

It was the T-shirt design that naturally brought me into the world of advertising. No media buy will ever take up the breath or space of a t shirt. It is able to move through the world and take space in whatever way the owner sees fit. Fashion is one of the purest forms of advertising. When fashion is inclusive, we create a space in the world for others to be seen as their truest self. The future of advertising calls for more inclusive interactive world building, and what we wear is integral to that foundation. Within what we wear we often find our identity. To be able to seamlessly blur the lines between ones own identity and the culture(s) they subscribe to is the best way to utilize design for the sake of not only a brand, but the individual. My passion lies in the intersection of creating pieces that elevate identity and culture while creating an inclusive space for others to show up as their fullest self. 


Fashion and Advertising are both useless if there is no community to receive and interact with the work. Inclusivity will always be at the core of my designs, which is why every piece I create is Threaded By Community.

North Carolina Central University
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated
Gamma Beta Chapter
301 Day 2022
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