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Stubb's BBQ Sauce

You know how everything tastes better when it's free? Well, pure human goodness works the same way. The love in a batch of sauce is a flavor in itself. It's a truth that lives in the tip of our tongues (and our hearts).
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Act- #StubbyAwards
Every other year, Stubb’s will recognize one outstanding cook nominated by their neighbors, a cultural
bridge-builder who acts as the glue for their community just like C.B. Stubb was for Lubbock and Austin.

The winner will receive a physical Stubby Award in the likeness of Stubb, be featured on branded web+social, and collaborate on a small batch sauce together.
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Youtube Pre-Roll
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Limited Edition BBQ Sauce
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Act- #StubbSounds
Christopher Stubb released an ultra-rare original blues song on a 7” vinyl record.

And to honor the positive community spirit so important to the Stubb’s story, we’re putting out a call to Music TikTok to sample his track and produce new multi-user pieces of music.

The top three remixed versions will be immortalized with the original track on a limited-press Stubb’s sauce-infused vinyl record. The #StubbSounds record release party will be held during SXSW in Austin, Texas.
Stubbs Sounds Vinyl
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