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Scammers, high prices, and sneakers becoming a playground for rich people has diluted the culture.

(Seriously, google Benjamin Kickz) GOAT brings accessibility without sacrificing exclusivity/culture.

With trust and integrity, GOAT revitalizes sneaker culture by pumping up its’ core values in authenticity, price accessibility, and rarity.

15 Second Spots
Stunt: The GOAT Jam

Simply put, GOAT app preserves sneaker culture. To celebrate this, GOAT re-releases iconic sneakers in a multi-way partnership between GOAT, Smucker's, and various shoe companies.

GOAT Jams will be released exclusively at bodegas across NYC. Sneakerheads will be encouraged organically find them in their everyday life across Twitter.

Once the top is opened, the JAM Code will be revealed. Sneakerheads will take their personal code and enter it into the GOAT App for their chance to cop exclusive rereleases.

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