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Multi-Directional Designer, Art Director By Trade, HBCU Advocate, & Up incoming DJ (kinda)

Born in the era of N.E.R.D, Dragonball Z reruns, and orange Nickelodeon VHS tapes, I have always been a student in the University of Pop Culture. Raised in Prince George's County, Maryland, right outside of the nation's capital, I was blessed to be raised in the middle of a cultural melting pot. By leveraging cultural insight, inclusivity, and principles of design, I work to elevate everyday moments into lush broad worlds. Passionate about art history, luxury handbags and developing leaders, I merge my talent and passion to create game changing creative.



Thank you for dropping  blueprints.
Thank you for breaking down doors.
Thank you for showing me I can do it too.

Meet Me In A Tweet

A collection of my favorite tweets of mine as of recent.

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